Physics Advising Wizard


This wizard will guide you through planning out the rest of your studies for a major or minor in the department of Physics and Astronomy at UWEC. It does not account for liberal education requirements (yet), and obviously won't account for your second major or minor. It also cannot handle repeatable variable credit classes like PHYS 399 or PHYS 495.

Here's how to use it:

  1. Select your degree plan from the "Degree" dropdown menu.
  2. Mark all courses you have already completed in prior terms by toggling the "Completed" switches for those classes.
  3. Mark all courses you are enrolling in for the selected term by toggling the "Enrolling" switch for those courses.
  4. Advance to the next tern by clicking the green button next to the "Term" indicator, or by selecting a new term from the dropdown menu.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as needed to build up a plan.

As you mark courses enrolled or completed, they will appear in your course plan at the bottom of the page. When you're done, you can print the page to a printer or to pdf to get just the final course plan.

This tool is not a substitute for meeting with your academic and faculty advisors! You should meet with your advisors each semester to confirm your course plan and discuss research, internship, career, and graduate study plans.

More information

Courses in gold are available for you to take in the selected term. You have completed their prerequisites or enrolled in their corequsites, and they are offered in the indicacted term (though PHYS 486 has a more nebulous requirement, so it may appear prematurely available).

Courses in blue are courses you are enrolling in for the designated term. Advancing to a later term will turn them green, indicating that you have completed them.

Courses that are gray are unavailable. They may require one or more corequisite or prerequisite courses, a more complex set of courses, or they may not be offered in that particular term. Check the requirements and availability of a course by clicking on its "Details" button.

Finally, courses with a thicker border and title are required for the selected degree plan. They may be outright required, or they may be part of a selection of courses that you may opt to take. For instance, Applied Physics emphasis majors must take both PHYS 255 and PHYS 356, or they may take either of PHYS 365 or PHYS 375. Once any of these three requirements are completed, the other courses will no longer be indicated as required. You will have satisfied all major degree requirements when all bold classes are green and credits counted towards the major.